Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rainbow Falls

Nikon D700, 16-35 mm f4, polarizer plus 2 stop hard Singh-Ray neutral grad.  That, and a bit of work in Lightroom.  

Had a great day chasing waterfalls.  Here's Rainbow Falls along the Wailuku River, practically downtown Hilo.


  1. Wow, that vegetation in the FG is so sharp and detailed. It frames the waterfall well!

  2. curtis, amazing shot man. well framed and perfectly exposed! maybe a little bit of HDR? But I can't tell!

  3. @Eric: Thanks for stopping by! I'd prefer to have been able to get closer to to the foreground as well as to have some additional options for placement of foreground objects, but there's really limited access at this falls - perhaps as there should be, given the proximity to a large town and the sheer number of visitors. Can't have anyone falling off the cliff! If I'd been able, I'd like to have made the foreground a bit simpler with a more dominate object. But you work with what you're given, right?
    @dmitry: I KNEW you'd say that! Ha ha. We saw this falls in the morning in blinding sunlight and I didn't get out the camera. Heading back past it in the afternoon after the clouds came in gave me an idea. Just a single click, there's nothing special here. I used a 2 stop hard neutral grad, then in LR I pulled about another 1 stop of negative exposure in a gradient over the sky. As soon as I did it I considered making it more subtle but ended up leaving it.