Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Changing directions: a lesser photographer*

For the last several months I’ve been contemplating a new direction, with the result that several days ago I listed essentially all of my camera equipment on eBay. Tonight, it’s with mixed emotions that I watch the clock tick down on the auctions. One way or another, it gets real in about an hour. 

I have decided to close my part-time photography business. I have a lot of reasons, some of them potentially very important to me, though if I’m honest, I’m not sure which ones will stand the test of time. Some are personal and some I'll talk about. Ask me in a year and I’ll let you know how it’s working out. But for now I’m going to be spending my time a little bit differently. 

I am beyond grateful for photography, for my wonderful clients and the experiences we’ve had together, for the opportunity to be part of so many wonderful experiences. I’m incredibly proud of what we accomplished together. There are a ton of things I’ll miss, but there are also a ton of things that I’ll be able to do better. I’ll get a bit more sleep, be a bit more present with friends and family, have more time to devote to my "day job", and have more time to be healthy.

Those of you who know me, know that “less” really isn’t in my DNA. I’m going to continue to make and share photographs, hopefully more freely and joyfully than ever, with a much smaller and more mobile kit. I just won’t be doing it for money. And who knows, I might even have more time to write, blog, and generally mess around just for fun. I hope that the things I’ll have time to do better will outweigh the things I’m giving up. 

I will write about this a little bit more, soon, but when I’ve got a bit more perspective on the whole thing. I always wished I’d had more time to write about and share photography, and with any luck I’ll have time to do that. I’ll also share the new kit when it arrives and hopefully enjoy learning many new things. 

But for now, the first auction just ended. if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got stuff to box up.

*If you’re interest in an amazing little e-book about simplifying things, check out "A Lesser Photographer" by CJ Chilvers. It wasn't the reason for the changes I'm making, but it's part of how I know it'll be ok. ;-)