Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big News!

Wow.  How long has it been since my last post?  (Cue sound of crickets chirping in the distance.)  Totally didn't mean to do that.  Oh well, the silence is over!  Where was I all spring? Working, mostly.  Working on some really fun and (hopefully) cool stuff.  It may be months overdue, but I've finally got a real space, in real life, with real fine art prints hanging on the wall.

For the last couple of months, my buddy Jim Bouden (of Light Shaman Art) and I have been working out details on getting space at Green Chutes here in Boise.  Green Chutes, located conveniently at State and Collister, is a huge artist's co-op where you can find tons of awesome art, crafts, etc.  There are several dozen great artists featured there, and now there are several dozen, plus US.   So it's good times.  We're sharing space inside one of four large shipping containers which are arrayed throughout the Green Chutes interior - ours is the one in the back right corner of the store.    I've opened my display with about a dozen images, ranging from small to quite large, in a variety of finishes and mounts.  I hope folks really enjoy them.  Many of these images really haven't been shown anywhere before, not even on the walls at home.  I'm planning on a refresh at least every three months, putting in a few new images, and although I've got tons of new images to get out and shoot, I also already have a great set of images to release through the next several seasons.  Already can't wait for fall!  But for now there's plenty to enjoy.

As a huge, no, serious, huge bonus, Green Chutes shares space with Salt Tears Coffeehouse and Noshery.  It's a great little cafe with one of Boise's best lattes, and a bunch of great "nosh" too!  So here's what I'd recommend.  After first double-checking hours, head on over.  Grab a drink at Salt Tears, then spend an hour browsing Green Chutes.  Make sure to stop by my little space, the shipping container in the far right corner, and have a look.  Then stop back by here or the Curtis Brandt Photography facebook page and let me know what you think!  Keep your eyes open too, shortly there'll be a little "open house" where Jim and I will hang out, talk shop, and chat with anybody who wants to come by.  So there's tons to look forward to.

And check back at the blog from time to time too, I'll be adding stuff more regularly, promise!  Seriously, there's lots to share...  Talk to you soon!