Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A point, proven again.

Once again, with Photokina less than a week away, the camera manufactures are releasing new gear at full-tilt and marketing departments are at full song.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, I love new gear as much as anyone!  But it matters much less than they'd have you believe.  As David duChemin constantly reminds us, craft and vision are much more powerful tools than any specific gear we use in our photographic endeavors.  Case in point, Chase Jarvis' recent time with a pre-production version of Nikon's latest camera, the D7000.  If you take the time to become just a little bit familiar with his work (go ahead, have a look around his site, I'll wait here), you'd notice that the ridiculously amazing images and video he produced with this camera look very much like the work he produces with cameras five times as expensive.  Clearly the new kit was up to the task of helping him and his crew express his vision.  But more importantly, no matter what camera he uses, his images will be absolutely recognizable, absolutely at the upper extent of what's possible with a camera and lens.  Point proven, again.

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