Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Almost "showtime".

Well, here we go, folks.  Looks like tonight's expected announcement from Nikon may be the last announcement before Photokina.  Nikon Rumors has posted leaked images from tonight's expected announcement and there's some tasty stuff in there!  The D7000 looks really good, with what appear to be great ergonomics, nice build quality, and perhaps most usefully, what appear to be a couple of custom settings banks accessible from a dial on the upper left.  If, like with most recent Nikons, the sensor produces nice images this should be a huge hit.
I'll personally be watching the lens and speedlight news more closely.  A new 35mm f1.4 lens is expected and, if it's anything like the recent 24mm and 85mm primes, should be outstanding.  The SB700 is long overdue and should be a nice upgrade from the SB600.
My first meeting in the morning isn't too early, so I'll be staying up late tonight awaiting the official announcement.  Specs will be interesting to read, as usual.  And although there's always the possibility of disappointment when specs meet reality, it has to be said that most of Nikon's products lately have been fantastic.

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